NC State Championship - 2018

July 13 - 18 -- Laurinburg, NC

Hosted by....

Scotland County

Parks and  Recreation

For the fun of the game!!!

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July 13, 2018

To: All attending the 2018 North Carolina Dixie Softball State Tournament.

It is great to be here at James L Morgan Recreation Complex in Laurinburg, North Carolina for what should be a very exciting time for Dixie Softball and what we hope will be an enjoyable stay for each of you.
Congratulations to all the players and coaches who have made it to the North Carolina Dixie Softball State Tournament. Even though there can only be one winner advancing to the World Series, all teams participating in the State Tournament are Champions when they arrive and will be Champions when they leave.

Sportsmanship is the utmost goal at any Dixie Softball Tournament and while cheering for your favorite team, please remember that you, as a fan or participant, could be the reason your team is disqualified from having a chance at receiving Dixie Softballs most coveted award. So please let the players play, the coaches’ coach and the umpires make the calls. Just sit back and enjoy the 2018 North Carolina Dixie Softball State Tournament.

We hope that your travel back home is safe and the Champions travel to the World Series is safe also.
Please remember the purpose of Dixie Softball is "Participation not Perfection." Softball as it should be. For the “Fun” of it! May God bless everyone!

Ron Hudson                                                  William Baker                                                  Anjelica Cunningham 
NC State Director                                         National Director                                            District 2 Director

District 3                                                        Wayne King                                                      Randy Welch 
Director                                                         District 4 Director                                            District 5 Director

JG Baker                                                         Sherman Sandlin                                             Reggie Evenson 
District 6 Director                                         Director 8 Director                                          District 9 Director 

Preston Leonard
DSI Vice President